Friday, September 27, 2019

Palestine Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Palestine - Term Paper Example There are different negotiation believes in United States, Arab world, Asians, and Africans as depicted in the different stands they take in negotiating showing the strong impact of culture on negotiations. This study aims at investigating the impact of Palestine culture on their negotiation through an in-depth analysis of the importance of face and loss of face to Palestinians in Negotiations and the type of negotiation styles to which they employ when negotiating. Language is the means through which a person’s culture is communicated from one generation to another is the best way to gauge the influence of culture on communication. The first negotiation technique used by the Palestinians is an admiration and frequent use of ambiguity in discourse showing that culture has a high impact on Palestinian negotiation. This is well in line with Palestinian culture where an ability to manipulate communication and relation to others is admired and respected. This is due to the mistrust and inability to take the face value of offers in negotiations. Proper etiquette and mannerisms is the other behavior common among Palestinians in negotiations due to the high ranking of hospitality, etiquette, and correctness in Palestinian culture. Palestinians will try their very best in being polite despite tensions in negotiations as they are required in their culture to both a foreigner and a member of the Palestinian community showing an impact of culture o n negotiation. Palestinian culture requires them to maintain honor at all times in their communication, thereby affecting their communication in negotiations. This requires Palestinians to behave modestly and hospitably to the other negotiators. Palestinians use the Musayra as a communication code in their negotiation where they try to ensure the negotiator goes along with the communication. Palestinians aim at maintaining an engaged relationship during negotiations as their code of

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